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Release Notes

Check this page for the latest updates on theEMPLOYEEapp.

Web App V3 & Updated Analytics (11/29/22)



  • Complete redesign of the Web App (Intranet) Homepage to provide a better digital experience for desktop users.
  • Redesign of Explore to create a more streamlined approach to viewing content.
  • Ability to add profile pictures to user profiles.
  • Added widgets such as My Apps and Quick Links.
  • Active User data is now available in Analytics.

Learn more about Web App Version 3 and the Updated Analytics Dashboard.

App Version: 10.0.460 (6/29/22)



  • Ability to post content from the top of the News Feed
  • Use Hashtags for campaign tracking
  • Use @Mentions to tag users in posts and comments
  • Comment threading and comment reactions

App Version: 10.0.450 (2/28/2022)



  • Update: Additional Analytics Content Open when clicking the caption “more…” in newsfeed and content preview
  • Allow Native users to change passwords if they are also SSO users
  • Administrator Push Notifications for Comments
  • Directory Folder added to mobile
  • UI Updates (Font Size on Directory Contacts)
  • Added Hungarian translation
  • Translations for Login App
  • Rich Text Posting
  • Group searching when posting

UI and Bug Fixes:

  • Thumbnail on weblink preview not appearing on mobile
  • UI Fixes (Passcode Screen)
  • Additional Error Logging
  • Mobile Push External ID Registration
  • Calendar display issue
  • Scrolling crash issue occurring on Android
  • Edit/Delete comment long press crash issue

Version 10.0.460 Highlights

Thread Commenting

App users can now reply to comments. This is more in line with social media platforms and will help build conversation and engagement.


Users can now be tagged with an @mention in the app and receive a notification that they have been tagged in post or comment.


You now have the ability to add hashtags to content. Click on a hashtag to see a feed of all content with that tag.

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